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HistoryIT’s Year in Review

In 2022 we’ve grown, traveled and had a lot of fun, but most importantly we saved history. We’re incredibly proud of our team that made all of this possible. Our history savers are geared up and ready to hit the ground running in 2023 as we continue to save and share our partners’ countless stories.

Scroll through to learn more about this year’s accomplishments — and how much we truly love ice cream.

HistoryIT HQ Moved
21 Digital Museums Launched
3,569,925 Items Digitally Preserved
13,326,870 Tags Applied
286 Odyssey Features Added
40 Pints of Ice Cream Consumed
19 History Savers Welcomed
148 Flights Taken
138,058 Miles Traveled
7 Assessments Conducted
812 Hours Spent in Client Meetings
22 Onsite Digital Preservation Days
10 Speaking Engagements
New HistoryIT Website Launched
53 Stakeholder Interviews
125 Client Stories Shared on Social
600 HistoryIT Lip Balms Made

2 thoughts on “HistoryIT’s Year in Review

  1. My suffrage collection is currently on-line at (I believe I may have talked with you years ago, as we were beginning to digitize. ) I am interested in updating the website -I have a few more items to include – and adding some new themes, including the role of immigrants and Jews .
    I would like to discuss the possibilities and cost of working with History IT on such a revision.

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