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Cultural Heritage

Make your collections accessible beyond the walls of archival storage with a fully searchable digital museum. We’re here to help, and we make it easy.

HistoryIT offers a next-generation plan that ensures your collections are digitally preserved using industry best practices. We begin by working with your team and stakeholders to develop a strategy that guides the entire process and guarantees your artifacts will be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. 

Whether you’re wondering where to begin, have already started digitizing materials, or are currently maintaining a digitized collection, HistoryIT’s Digital Collections Package is the best investment you can make for the long-term sustainability of your collections.

Digital Preservation Services

  • We provide surveys and questionnaires to your organization’s contact person to collect information about your historic materials.
  • Online or in person, we assess the condition and content of your archival holdings as well as your technology support needs.
  • A HistoryIT expert leads stakeholder meetings and interviews in order to effectively collect data for your customized digital archiving strategy.
  • Based on results gathered during assessments, HistoryIT develops a customized strategy to organize and digitally preserve your archival holdings.
  • HistoryIT experts work with you to pack and ship all materials.
  • We handle the digital preservation imaging, tagging, rehousing, and management of the selected archival materials to include in your digital museum.
  • You receive a license to Odyssey™, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform, allowing you to store, tag, and manage items in your digital archive and share them in your digital museum.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes an online timeline, biography portal, milestone celebration retrospective, and storytelling platform that give you the freedom to build and share exhibits that are fully accessible to the public.
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