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Everyone’s story deserves to be preserved and made accessible. We develop and employ technology and strategies to make sure your history is safe for future generations.

Our mission is to democratize our collective history by making the public historical record just as accessible, searchable and meaningful to a fifth grader as to a professional researcher.

Our Approach

We understand that your collections are the heart and soul of your institution. Whether you manage cultural heritage, corporate or nonprofit collections, you have a treasure trove of content. We want to help you better harness that content to tell and share stories.

Our cutting-edge approach is different from any other. We help you envision, create and sustain digital collections that deepen engagement and deliver long-lasting value to your organization.


HistoryIT offers comprehensive digital archive services that are deeply rooted in the digital preservation strategies that we build with each of our clients. From imaging and tagging to timelines and storytelling, we ensure that your stories are accessible now and in the future.


We begin by working with your team and stakeholders to develop a digital preservation strategy that guides the entire process and guarantees your selected materials and artifacts will be accessible via a digital museum.


Our uniquely trained team conducts digital preservation imaging, metadata tagging and digital archive management to ensure your archives will stand the test of time.


Fully searchable, interactive digital museums allow each of our clients to use their history to tell their stories through exhibitions, dynamic timelines, curated experiences and more.


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How Can HistoryIT Work For You?

Not sure where to begin? Tell us what you have and what you are looking for and we will work together to get to the best solution.