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We offer a comprehensive set of services that enable your organization to transform archival materials, from whatever state they are in, into a 21st-century digital collection.

It can be challenging to build, support and share your digital history. Don’t worry — we’re here to help! 

From organization and storage to strategic planning, imaging, tagging, curating, hosting and more, HistoryIT is dedicated to supporting your efforts to save your history.

HistoryIT offers holistic services to ensure your collections are digitally preserved using industry best practices. Each project starts with a thoughtful, individualized strategy, then we get to work saving your history.


We meet you where you are. We work with your team and stakeholders to develop a digital preservation strategy that guides the entire process and guarantees your selected materials and artifacts will be accessible via a digital museum. This process includes:

  • Provision of historical collections surveys and questionnaires
  • Online or in-person archives condition assessment
  • Expert-led staff and stakeholder interviews
  • Conditions report on state of archival holdings with suggestions for how to best preserve your physical items
  • Digital preservation strategy designed for long term success
  • Metadata plan that meets industry standards and local vernacular for tags that allow users to intuitively discover your history


“Digitization” and “Digital Preservation” are not the same thing. Our uniquely trained team conducts digital preservation imaging, metadata tagging and digital archive management to ensure your archives will stand the test of time. These processes include:

  • Collaboration and/or coordination of shipment of archival materials
  • Temporary or long term storage for historical materials in safe, secure, environmentally-controlled facilities
  • Digital preservation imaging following the standards of the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative
  • Application of metadata plan across 1,000s of archival items that utilizes every day language for highly searchable tags
  • Account set up in Odyssey, HistoryIT’s proprietary digital collections management software
  • Uploading of assets and associated data to Odyssey
  • Management of Odyssey account as digital collections grow


Fully searchable, interactive digital museums allow each of our clients to use their history to tell their stories through exhibitions, dynamic timelines, curated experiences and more. This phase includes:

  • Development of personalized, branded, fully-searchable digital museum
  • Suggestions for storytelling opportunities 
  • Curation of archival materials to communicate key stories
  • Development of content for exhibitions, biographies, timelines and other interactive experiences
  • Assistance with digital museum launch plans
  • Provision of promotional communications using digital museum content
  • Ongoing marketing support to help you utilize history to tell your stories