Strategic Planning

The first critical step toward building a powerful online presence is creating and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan that clearly articulates the necessary steps to developing and creating value from a robust digital collections repository. Whether you’re wondering where to begin, have started digitizing materials, or already maintain a fully-digitized collection, our Digital Collections Plan is the best investment you can make for the long-term sustainability of your digital presence. HistoryIT’s strategic planning services include:

  • Physical and digital collections assessments

  • Feasibility studies

  • Technology audits

  • Comprehensive digital collections plans

  • Fundraising plans

  • Monetization plans

Search Optimization

The key to adding power to digital collections is easy searchability. Truly usable digital collections will be optimized so various audiences can easily locate materials of interest. HistoryIT provides search planning and implementation services that include:

  • Enhanced metadata plans that extend professional standards metadata

  • Volume metadata implementation by teams of metadata specialists that allow you to quickly build large catalogs

  • Streamlining one or more catalog management systems in order to create a unified, highly searchable system

Digital Imaging

HistoryIT manages digital imaging services for any size collection and any kind of material. Our partnerships with industry leaders in the digital imaging and transfer services allows us to produce high quality digital images of your documents, images, maps, blueprints, artwork, audio, video, and other formats in record time. We then fully integrate them with the rest of your digital collections.

Broadening Your Reach

Bring new visitors to your digital collections and keep them coming back. Our specialists design and implement ways to keep people engaged with your collections that are customized to the kinds of content you hold.

We specialize in:

  • Curated experiences

  • Interactive experiences

  • Educational modules

  • Social media outreach

Ongoing Partnerships

The long-term benefits of partnering with HistoryIT:

  • Sustainability of digital presence

  • Increasing audience awareness and engagement

  • Helping clients stay ahead of the technology curve

  • Continuing to locate new ways to promote and utilize your collections