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We work with a variety of organizations, large and small, to serve the unique needs of their collections in order to save history.

HistoryIT offers comprehensive digital archive services that are deeply rooted in the digital preservation strategies that we build with each of our clients. From imaging and tagging to timelines and storytelling, we ensure that your stories are accessible now and in the years to come.

We believe that everyone’s history is worth saving. Let’s make sure yours has a future.

Cultural Heritage

From historical societies and museums to university archives, we service a number of cultural preservation institutions. HistoryIT performs a complete collections assessment to create a digital preservation strategy. We then develop an interactive digital museum to ensure your collections reach beyond the walls of archival storage.

Sorority & Fraternity

Our work with fraternities and sororities has taught us the unique nature of fraternal organizations. We’ve developed specialized digital preservation packages curated to fit their specific needs. From milestone celebrations to composites — we’ve got you covered.

Junior League

With over 295 Junior Leagues across the globe, each organization has a legacy of voluntarism to save and share. HistoryIT has created several digital preservation packages that ensure these stories of services are here for future generations. Let’s future-proof your history.