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Advanced Package

Looking for a robust storytelling platform? We’ve got you covered.

Image featuring a member of the Junior League of Fort Worth and the image gallery of the JLFW digital museum.

This package is ideal for Junior Leagues that need more support in figuring out what types of materials to send and also wish to have a larger digital archive to start with. HistoryIT conducts more video interviews than available in the Basic package in order to produce a detailed customized plan to organize and digitally preserve the entirety of your archival holdings over time. It also produces a digital museum, including an online timeline, biography portal and storytelling platform, to manage and share the newly digital historical materials. Digital preservation includes up to 2,500 archival assets*. It requires that your League have at least one point person who is willing to answer questions, meet via video conferences with HistoryIT, and pack and ship a selection of materials.

Digital Preservation Services

  • HistoryIT will provide a contact person at your League surveys and questionnaires for you to fill out about your historical materials.
  • We conduct three video interviews over the course of the digital collection set up in order to fine tune the approach to subjects and other tags, as well as help identify the 2,500 archival assets that will be shipped to HistoryIT to build your digital museum.
  • You ship the selected materials to HistoryIT and we handle the digital preservation imaging, tagging, and rehousing of 2,500 archival assets
  • You receive a license to Odyssey™, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform, so that you may manage, store and tag items in your digital archive.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a public-facing online timeline that you may manage and share. It will allow your members to follow a visual retrospective of your League and click on digital materials to explore the entirety of the digital museum.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a Biography Portal, which allows you to track additional details about all of the people referenced in your archive.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a Storytelling Platform that allows you to build and share digital exhibits from your archive.
  • We provide a customized strategic plan for growing your digital collections, including costs for sending additional materials and guidelines for utilizing volunteers while maintaining best practices for digital archival preservation.
  • We conduct two followup sessions to review the growth of your digital collection.
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*The exact archival asset count will vary by item type, size, and condition

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