Feasibility Study

Is digitizing your collection the right way to go? Your colleagues, patrons, and board members will want to know. As historians, we understand how collection value can actually increase in the digital world. Our feasibility study helps determine whether or not there is value and opportunity in organizing and digitizing your assets and we’ll provide a roadmap for how to get there if it is.

Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Determining which materials to digitize – and in what order – is a critical component to funding, sustaining, and drawing value from your collections. Our strategic plan identifies specific goals and phases to develop or expand your digital collections, including timelines and cost analyses. Our strategic plans also include recommendations for using your digital collections to support broader strategic goals.

Technology Audit

It is critical that you have a technology plan in place that can allow you to both manage and share your digital collections with ease. The right software choice depends on several factors within your institution. HistoryIT will examine all technology systems used across your organization to recommend the best collection management platform and to determine how best to integrate all technologies needed to support your digital collections.

Physical & Digital Collections Assessment

HistoryIT experts will review your inventories and holdings to analyze condition and scope of content. We’ll appraise existing cataloging and metadata structures.

Most importantly, we’ll identify the multiple audiences that could be reached through a robust digital collection, and the necessary metadata needed to reach those audiences.

Once we evaluate your materials and the work already undertaken, we’ll collaborate with you to form a digital strategy that will yield additional growth.

Fundraising Plan

For most organizations, fundraising will play a critical role in both building and sustaining your digital collections. In order to reach new funding sources, we need to examine the ways in which you use your collections to tell stories and what parties might be interested in those stories. Each Strategic Plan includes a creative, customized Fundraising Plan that points to specific donor sources not currently part of your advancement efforts, along with recommended digital outreach presentations to aid your fundraising efforts.

Monetization Plan

Depending on the nature of your organization, you collections may contain content that can be monetized in some way. Our experts will identify specific ways in which your content might bring you new value and each Strategic Plan will include specific monetization options that an enhanced digital collection could make possible. 

Digital History Site

HistoryIT will create a digital history site powered by your archive. This will will help you illustrate the great benefits possible when making even some of your physical archives digitally accessible and available. Many organizations find that the digital sample is key to assisting them in providing potential donors and benefactors with an illustration to help them better understand the vast possibilities that their financial assistance could help create.