We understand that your collections are the heart and soul of your institution. Whether you manage cultural heritage, corporate, or community collections, you have a treasure trove of content. We want you to better harness that content to tell and share stories. Our cutting edge approach is different from any other. We help you envision, create, and sustain digital collections that deepen engagement and deliver long-lasting value to your organization.


The key to building meaningful digital collections is to follow a digitization strategy. Digitization involves far more than scanning and photographing. It is critical that you have a plan that addresses how to make your materials discoverable through easy searching and how best to engage the different audiences you need to connect with. Our approach begins with strategic plans that address both immediate needs and longer-term goals. Our strategic recommendations do not treat digital historical collections as silo projects separate from the central activities of your organization, but rather weaves them into the overall organizational strategy in order to truly maximize the value of any digital undertaking.


With your strategic plan in place, we offer ongoing partnership opportunities. Our teams have the capacity to support you by implementing any aspect of your digital initiatives. This comprehensive approach allows us to quickly address your most pressing needs in a cost effective manner, while remaining focused on your broad institutional goals.


Our experience with large, complex collections results in our ability to work far more rapidly than traditional technology services firms. HistoryIT’s people and processes, combined with our thoughtful business and strategic planning for each collection, ensures sustainable, meaningful access to historical materials by the widest possible audiences.