HistoryIT’s PastPort™ is a pre-assembled, mobile, table-top solution to provide a controlled environment for digitizing historical collections. It solves common digitization problems, including lighting, object orientation, camera manipulation, capture device placement, and more. The integrated mobile application handles imaging and uploading of newly created digital assets to the user’s HistoryIT software platform for asset management and metadata creation.

While some higher-end desktop scanners can reach the resolutions of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X, they can take four minutes or more to scan a single item. The PastPort™ is able to digitize each item in less than a second. The user is only bound by the speed at which they can move materials in and out of the PastPort™.

The mobile application used with the iPhone takes up to ten images of the item and then processes them into a single, high-resolution archival image that is transferred to the user’s HistoryIT software account where it can be tagged individually or in bulk.

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