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Permanently preserve your organization’s history — not just for four years, but for life.

Our comprehensive digital preservation services ensure that your history won’t go up in flames or be lost in a fire. Your stories will be permanently preserved and easily shared in a digital museum.

From recruitment and alumni communications to fundraising — sharing your stories can have a significant impact.

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Graphic showing the fraternity Tri Delta's digital museum.

“The treasures that Kappas have meticulously collected for the last 150 years have been given new life and can be shared with future generations long after VHS tapes can no longer be played or hand lettered ledgers become unreadable. Connections are being made and conclusions are being drawn on a daily basis.”

Maggie Sims Coons

Executive Director of Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation

Digital Preservation Services

  • Talking with stakeholders to collect information about your archival materials and the stories you want to share.
  • Assessing your historical holdings and technology support needs.
  • Developing a customized strategy to organize and digitally preserve your archival holdings.
  • Working with you to pack and ship all materials.
  • Imaging, tagging, rehousing and managing the selected materials to include in your digital museum.
  • Setting up your digital archive & museum in Odyssey®, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform.
  • Implementing your metadata strategy to ensure all materials in the digital museum are fully searchable.
  • Building interactive features in your digital museum, such as:
    • Dynamic timelines
    • Publications archive
    • Halls of fame & biography portals
    • Storytelling presentations
    • Providing ongoing support as your digital museum grows.
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Preserve Your Legacy

HistoryIT’s comprehensive set of services enable your organization to transform archival materials, from whatever state they are in, into a 21st-century digital collection. 

We help you envision, create and sustain digital collections that deepen engagement and deliver long-lasting value to your organization. From organization and strategic planning to imaging, tagging, curating and more — we’re got you covered.

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