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Permanently preserve your organization’s history — not just for four years, but for life.

HistoryIT’s comprehensive digital preservation services ensure that your history won’t go up in flames or be lost in a fire. Your stories will be permanently preserved and easily shared in a digital museum. From recruitment and alumni communications to fundraising — sharing your stories can have a significant impact.

Digital Preservation Services

  • Assessing your historical holdings and technology support needs.
  • Talking with stakeholders to collect information about your archival materials and the stories you want to share.
  • Developing a customized strategy to organize and digitally preserve your archival holdings.
  • Working with you to pack and ship all materials.
  • Imaging, tagging, rehousing and managing the selected materials to include in your digital museum.
  • Setting up your digital archive & museum in Odyssey®, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform.
  • Implementing your metadata strategy to ensure all materials in the digital museum are fully searchable.
  • Building interactive features in your digital museum, such as:
  • Dynamic timelines
  • Publications archive
  • Halls of fame & biography portals
  • Storytelling presentations
  • Providing ongoing support as your digital museum grows.
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