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Advanced Package

Looking for a fully equipped storytelling platform? Our Advanced Preservation & Digital Museum Package might be just what you need.

If your chapter or alumni association has already identified materials essential to its history that are most in need of digital preservation, this package is ideal.
For chapters and alumni associations requiring considerable support gauging which historical materials to send for a substantial digital archive and museum, this package is crucial.

HistoryIT’s expert support team works directly with your assigned archive manager to produce a detailed plan for organizing and digitally preserving your vast archival holdings. Our cutting-edge Odyssey™ platform has a digital archive, online timeline and biography portal feature that amplifies your management capabilities, enhances digital engagement and easily showcases your most distinguished members. Once preserved, your assets including your digital composites are viewable and searchable in a customized chapter digital museum. Managers have the ability to preserve up to 2,500 archival assets*.

Digital Preservation Services

  • Data extraction: We provide surveys and questionnaires to your organization’s contact person to collect information about your historic materials.
  • Virtual asset assessment: We conduct three video interviews throughout the digital collection to streamline the process. During these fully-remote interviews, we ask questions that will fine-tune our approach to subjects and other tags, and help us identify the 2,500 assets* that will be shipped to us to build your digital archive and museum.
  • Historical asset shipment: You ship the selected materials to HistoryIT for digital preservation, and we handle imaging, tagging, and rehousing of 2,500 archival assets* for you.
  • Odyssey™ license verification: You receive a license to Odyssey™, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform, allowing you to store, tag and manage items in your digital archive.
  • Interactive digital timeline: Your Odyssey™ license includes an online timeline that’s fully-accessible to the public. Easily managed and shared, it will allow your members and alumni to follow a visual retrospective of your chapter as they click on digital materials to explore the full digital archive.
  • Composite presentation: Digitally preserved composites are viewable and searchable in a customized presentation, allowing you the capabilities to click on a member’s face and discover the positions held and additional content referencing the member in your digital archive.
  • Biography portal: Your Odyssey™ license includes an advanced portal that allows you to track additional details about every person your archive references.
  • Storytelling platform: Your Odyssey™ license gives you the freedom to build and share digital exhibits directly from your archive.
  • Digital archive growth guide: Our experts develop a customized, strategic plan for growing your digital collections; learn the costs for sending additional materials, guidelines for utilizing volunteers and how to maintain best practices for digital archival preservation.
  • Digital growth sessions: We conduct two follow-up sessions to review the growth of your digital collection.
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*The exact archival asset count will vary by item type, size, and condition

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