There is no better package for chapters or alumni associations responsible for a very large collection of archival materials, or in need of professional support for a major milestone event.


This comprehensive digital archival solution relies on information gleaned from a HistoryIT expert audit, on-site* stakeholder meetings, and interviews to develop a highly-searchable, engaging chapter digital museum unlike any other. Rely on HistoryIT’s cutting-edge Odyssey™ program to create a digital archive and museum for up to 10,000 historical assets. Maximize engagement by utilizing the online timeline, biography portal, storytelling platform, composite presentation, and milestone celebration retrospective to tell a comprehensive story of your organization’s achievements. This package is highly recommended for organizations planning a major milestone experience.

Greek Chapter - Comprehensive Preservation & Digital Museum Package


  • Data extraction: We provide surveys and questionnaires to your organization’s contact person to collect information about your historic materials.
  • On-site* expert audit: We send a HistoryIT expert on-site* for two-three days to assess the condition and content of your archival holdings.
  • Stakeholder meeting: A HistoryIT expert leads a private meeting of up to four stakeholders, such as board members, chapter officers, and alumni and collegiate members, in order to effectively collect data for your customized digital archiving strategy.
  • Stakeholder interviews: A HistoryIT expert interviews stakeholders to determine key presentation details for the archive, including any upcoming milestone celebrations.
  • Historical asset shipment: For archives containing fewer than 10,000 archival assets**, a HistoryIT expert will work with you to pack and ship all materials. For archives exceeding 10,000 assets, we will determine the most appropriate selection of assets for the package.
  • Digital preservation: We handle the digital preservation imaging, tagging, rehousing, and management of up to 10,000 of your archival assets** in your chapter digital museum.
  • Strategic archive planning: Should your organization require future digital preservation services, HistoryIT will create a customized plan for building your digital archive and museum.
  • Odyssey™ license verification: You receive a license to Odyssey™, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform, allowing you to store, tag, and manage items in your digital archive and share them in your digital museum.
  • Interactive digital timeline: Your Odyssey™ license includes an online timeline that’s fully accessible to the public. Easily managed and shared, it will allow your members and alumni the ability to follow a visual retrospective of your chapter, as they click on digital materials to explore the full digital museum.
  • Composite presentation: Your digitally preserved composites are viewable and searchable in a customized presentation at your chapter digital museum. Click on any face to see positions held and locate additional materials in your digital museum.
  • Biography portal: Your Odyssey™ license includes an advanced portal that provides you with the capabilities to track additional details about every person your museum references.
  • Milestone celebration retrospective: We will create a comprehensive on-site* and online museum presentation of your chapter’s history. Detail major campaigns, highlight key members, and celebrate historic moments by showing and telling an immersive chapter experience.
  • Storytelling platform: Your Odyssey™ license gives you the freedom to build and share exhibits directly on your digital museum site.
  • Client support: We provide ongoing support as your digital museum grows.

* All assessments undertaken during the corona-coaster will be conducted remotely.
** The exact archival asset count will vary by item type, size, and condition.

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